Saturday 28 June 2014

Cărți Poștale de la Sibiu

[written for the Guardian]

My round-up of Festivalul Internaţional de Teatru de la Sibiu has been posted by the Guardian.

Once the comments are closed there (as yet none, thank Christ), I might post the original piece here.  I like the edit very much indeed, but since I've got infinite space here, why not?  There's also a fair bit of expanding on that article I'd still like to do, and I've just done an interview or a Romanian magazine, to which I'll link, and maybe also post the text here.

So, um, watch this placeholder, as they don't say anywhere...

Oh, I also made this useful comparison-map between London and Sibiu when I was thinking about the differences between FITS and LIFT.  Maps at exactly the same scale:

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