Saturday 31 December 2016


Songs from the shows!


[Imagine blurb here]

Suicide – ‘Ghost Rider’ from Cleansed

Riton – ‘Rinse and Repeat’ from quite the best news in some considerable time

Gorgoroth – ‘Carving a Giant’ from 99 Words For Void

Death in Rome – ‘Wrecking Ball’ from Chekhov’s First Play [ok, they used the original, but this one is by people pretending to be Nazis, so that’s more fun, right?]

The Royal Court – ‘The Light Disappears’ from Unreachable

Red Army Choir – ‘Polyushka Poliya’ from Us/Them

Cigarettes After Sex – ‘Nothing’s Gonna Hurt You, Baby’ from Tank

Luna - ‘Red Bull’ from The Oath [I really can’t recommend the video, but the song is magical]

Bonus track: Laibach – ‘The Whistleblowers’

Actually, quite possibly the best live thing I saw all year.

Second Bonus Track, obviously: