Monday 30 July 2007

This are not the blog you are looking for...

Like many other bloggers, my stat-counter checking is borderline obsessive-compulsive. This is made more bearable by the odd Google searches that have flung random unsuspecting punters my way with chance combinations of words that add up to something they want scrambled across an entry I wrote which will probably be of no use to them whatsoever (use quote marks, guys).

Still, I can't help being disturbed by the American who found me thus:

"07/30/07 10:27:52 Jew Racist Postcards (Google)"

I'm hoping he/she was a research student of some sort.

1 comment:

alexf said...

my favourite to come through to persons unknown is "jokes about being busy and lazy", closely followed by "what is metatheatre".

i hope they both found what they were looking for...