Wednesday 25 July 2007


In the absence of any real time to write anything today (it’s the deadline for that sodding piece about the NSDF for The Times online on Friday and I’m busy tomorrow), I shall offer a quick plug for my friend Luke Kennard’s new collection of poetry, which rather marvellously has been nominated for the Forward Poetry Prize 2007, making Luke, a) the youngest ever nominee, and b) even more bashful than he already is.

It is called The Harbour Beyond The Movie, is published by Salt Publishing, and has a whole page to itself here including the rather sweet recording of Luke reading his Gerald Variations, and some pretty specific information about the book:
Extent: 80pp
Height: 216 mm
Width: 140 mm
Thickness: 5 mm
Weight: 120 gms

An audio recording of Luke reading his poem The Murderer is here (confusingly described as a video). While we’re at this plugging lark, lots of the other stuff there, particularly the songs of Tom Davies/Davis Wateracre (whose new Facebook group celebrating Luke's work reminded me of all this stuff in the first place), especially The Patron (live) and Flowers, are also well worth a listen.

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