Tuesday 16 October 2007

Prolific once more!

I've got a new piece on the Guardian's Theatre Blog page.

It's essentially a round-up of this and this. But I felt it ought to try out in front of a wider audience.

Far be it from me to make observations about the hand that feeds me, but I find it interesting that for "On Beauty", "On-line" and "On top" they've happily stuck on an accompanying photo, but as soon as race is the issue it all goes strangely non-visual.

No doubt there will be a photo there within minutes, and I shall literally eat my words (seriously, watch them disappear when they become obviously wrong). If not, it's an interesting reflection of how our visual culture deals with its polite attempts not to offend.

Update: I've just noticed that Chris Wilkinson has also whizzed up a critique of Peter Whittle's piece on representing Islam, which is well-worth reading.

I also notice that it doesn't have a picture either.


danbye said...

Yes, the photos are up now.

Andrew Haydon said...

I meant illustrations, not photo by-line ones.

Anonymous said...

Although you are "also quite cute", Andrew, so, really, your photo should be quite enough for any sane reader. Any more and they may pass out for sheer visual overload. That said, if they could withstand the full force of yours and Billie's combined pouting-power, they might be quite a hardy lot.