Wednesday 19 September 2012

Three Sisters [tracklist] – Young Vic

[review coming.  In the mean time, here's the tracklist]

Possibly some Bulat Okudzava/булат Oкуджава:

Golden Years:

Unchain My Heart:

Some Pussy Riot (possibly not this one):

Smells Like Teen Spirit:

Night and Day:

Love Calls You by Your Name:


something that sounds like Liz Frazer singing Song to the Siren:


And full marks for non-inclusion of neither:


or indeed this:


The chosen tracklist did make me think they could have profitably used this:

or this:


One day I'm going to end up review a show just using songs-used and songs that it made me think of.


Anonymous said...

Really great post. I'm all for responding this way. You've not included the soul song used in the final scene change. Do you happen to know which song that was?

Andrew Haydon said...

Soul song in final scene? I'm afraid I don't remember that at all. Bugger. Thought I'd written them all down (although I do have a pretty big blind-spot when it comes to soul). It wasn't just more of Golden Years was it?

Anonymous said...

Have been doing some detective work to little effect. It sounds as though it's from the late 60s, a male voice singing on the theme that it's not going to be easy to forget you. The song plays as everybody clears the last of the detritus from the stage, ends as the soldier fires up his remote control helicopter.

Anonymous said...

I have been trying to find out what that soul song was too and it is driving me a bit nuts! I can remember it saying something about not being easy to watch a good love turn bad. I was really good though.

Get Involved - Cooking said...

The soul song is:

It's Not That Easy by Reuben Bell & The Casanovas