Sunday 31 December 2017

Songs from the shows


Brüder zur Sonne, zur Freiheit by Ernst Busch from Bekannte Gefühle, Gemischte Gesichter

Po Šumama i Gorama (trad.) from Ristić Komplecs 

Seen for the third time this April, but this time I got a track-list. Version in show sung by the cast, so why not go for the most grandiose version available online?

Deutsch Deutsch Deutsch – Sperma Combo, from 89/90

DJ Krmak – Papagaj from Turbofolk (not reviewed)

Step Your Game Up – Snoop Dogg, et al, from An Octoroon (not reviewed)

From Victory Condition

Hon. mensch:

The Nine Inch Nails – She’s Gone Away from Twin Peaks: The Return, episode 8.


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