Thursday, 3 November 2016

The Stage: nothing right or left, but claiming makes it so?

[written for The Stage]

Wrote a piece for The Stage looking at Ed Vaizey's use of the "left"/"right" binary in a recent speech, which happened to accord with some stuff I've been thinking about.

If you're lucky, I might stick up the first draft at some point, which was written in response to just the reported News version of the lecture (i.e. three or four lines quoted out of context), which is *very* different.

(Oh, and in the subbing-process, my description of Munira Mirza as a "contrarian Marxist" and link to her CultureWars review of The Globe's 2005 Tempest as evidence got lost (rightly, they made the sentence unfeasibly ungainly) so consider those a bonus for reading here. :-) )

[N.B. I've "improved" the original Stage headline in the above, "cover-photo" screen-cap.]

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